Nicole Malia, the label

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“A glowing woman can help other women glow and still be lit.”

Writing bios isn’t my specialty but touching lives kinda is! Some basics about me: I’m a mom of 3 kids and 3 pets, I have a cool husband, and I love to create. As a Black woman born and raised on O’ahu, Hawai’i, inspiration comes from both the beauty of Hawai’i and my ancestral roots in Nigeria. It’s a privilege to be incorporating my own learning and healing into my designs as each design piece is created with intention.

The last 5 years of slowly scaling my business has taught me that I’m a boss in more ways than one. I’m a multifaceted person that can be found in many different rooms and I always show up as my most authentic self. To think there was once a time where I felt I needed to shrink myself...that pent up energy is the reason why I’m so passionate about showing others how to live authentically.

Nicole Malia the label is truly meant to be for everyone, especially those who don’t necessarily tie themselves to a particular style. For years I felt stuck in a box and like I could only create in a specific style. Nicole Malia is BOLD and proud to continuously challenge the status quo. I hope I inspire you to consistently choose things that bring you joy and always move with intention. xo, NM

Our Story

What started as a passion project on my dining room table in 2016, grew into a full time career shift and dream chasing. Originally, we started out as Cay + Col named after my two oldest kids. When we had our third and final baby, we knew the business name needed to change! 2020 was one of the most challenging years for us (and the world), and it triggered soul searching and the rekindling of my passions. Rebranding in 2021 as Nicole Malia ushered in more specifics of who I am and what the label represents.

Nicole Malia the label, is Black woman-owned and operated, creating the perfect intersection between functionality and luxury.

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The Future

The mission of uplifting and inspiring others will never change. We find our purpose through lifting those in our communities and dream of one day having a non-profit organization that provides the guidance and funding I needed when first starting out in the business world.

Our charitable and philanthropic goals are the basis for our entire existence! We are constantly stepping up to bring awareness and contribute to movements that are paving a better future. The goal has always been to improve as many lives as possible, with both our products and the community work we do.