What started as a passion project on the dining room table in 2016, grew into a full time career shift and dream chasing. Originally, the label started out as Cay + Col named after Nicole’s two oldest kids. When her family welcomed their third and final baby, the business name change was high on the to-do list! Rebranding in 2021 as Nicole Malia ushered in more clarity on what the label represents.


Her name is Nicole. She is a mom of 3, wife, and a multifaceted creative. She designs and handcrafts luxury handbags that bring fashion, sustainability, and practicality under one roof.

On a mission to redefine luxury amongst mothers, professionals, and trend-setters, Nicole’s designs are filled with purpose.


Designer Nicole Malia's latest project aims to change how people think about luxury - not just in regards to its aesthetic value but also through sustainability practices which are integrated into every aspect of production from start to finish.


Since the beginning in 2016, Nicole Malia has been conscientious of our footprint in the world. We fulfill this promise through minimal and recyleable packaging, cruelty-free materials, and minimizing waste during production.


Nicole Malia has a long-standing record of community contriubtions for all sorts of causes ranging from natural disasters to protecting Indigenous land. In addition, NM works directly with members of the communitry through collaboration.

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