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My name is Nicole Malia. Front-facing: I’m the designer, founder and namesake of the Nicole Malia atelier. Behind the scenes: I’m a mom of three boys, wife to an amazing husband in active duty military and a woman with an unfaltering passion for style that is functional, sustainable and timeless by nature. If you'd like to read more about NM and the journey, click the link below.

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  • Functional

    Made for everyday living. Because we believe function should never be compromised for fashion, from our multi-purpose bags, comfortable cuts and breathable fabrics, we ensure every piece is mindfully curated to be effortless and practical while also remaining wildly on trend.

  • Sustainable

    Treading lightly and producing slowly. With recyclable packaging, cruelty-free materials, minimal waste production and mindful, slow-fashion practices, our brand aims to contribute to a greener and brighter future by bringing sustainability to the forefront of fashion.

  • Timeless

    Simple and classic, but never boring. Timeless by nature, we create lasting staples - the kind of pieces that can be worn and lived-in for many years, across many seasons, and will never go out of style.

  • Community

    Giving back to the people - the heart and soul of community - is a key pillar within our brand. By donating funds or products to local and national organizations that either plant trees, feed underprivileged children, protect indigenous land or provide feminine hygiene products to women who need it most, we try our best to be a voice and a helping hand to our communities.

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