Caring for your NM Handbags

Vegan Leather vs Animal Leather

We choose to not use animal products in the creation of Nicole Malia pieces because we don’t support the environmental damages caused by the leather industry. There are lots of variations of leather alternatives and the “vegan leather” NM uses is made with absolutely no animal materials- called PU or polyurethane. Other leather alternatives such as PVC can can be coated in paints and harmful chemicals, making PU a much greener option. Caring for PU is simple given that it’s a durable material and relatively water resistant. As we continue to grow and develop Nicole Malia into the eco-conscious designer brand of our dreams, we have plans to use more other materials such as vegan leather made from recycled glass, plants like cactus and pineapple, or bio-based leather like silicone.


Cleaning Vegan Leather

-Use a soft cloth like our cleaning cloths + warm water to gently remove dust or dirt

-If it’s a tough stain, use a mild dish detergent on the soft cloth

-Eucalyptus oil applied to a clean cloth can be used for especially stubborn stains


Cleaning the Inside Lining

-Use a light fabric-safe waterproofing spray

-Pull the lining out of the bag as much as possible, wipe with a damp cloth and let the section dry before putting the lining back into the bag


Storing your Nicole Malia

-Having a rotation is truly essential to having handbags and accessories that last, regardless of the material.

-Keep your handbag out of direct sunlight (ie storing it in front of a window or leaving it on the seat of your car)

-Avoid stacking your handbags on top of each other

-Store your handbags in a dust bag