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Nicole Malia is making a positive impact in the world through fashion, art, and catering towards the multifaceted person.



Since the beginning in 2016, Nicole Malia has been conscientious of our footprint in the world. We fulfill this promise through minimal and recyleable packaging, cruelty-free materials, and minimizing waste during production.


Nicole Malia has a long-standing record of community contriubtions for all sorts of causes ranging from natural disasters to protecting Indigenous land. In addition, NM works directly with members of the communitry through collaboration and benefit drives.

A note-

I have this far fetched dream of being able to donate one bag per every bag sold to teen girls and women in or recovering from unfortunate circumstances. From partnering with women empowerment organizations helping provide professional attire, to filling weather-resistant, highly functional bags with hygiene supplies for the houseless community- I have big hopes for how much an impact this 'small' business of mine can make.

With love- Nicole, founder

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