About the brand:

Nicole Malia

Infused with the belief that empowered women lead empowered lives, our designs accompany you on your unique journey. Founded by a mother of three, we intimately understand the evolving needs of multifaceted women, seamlessly merging fashion, functionality, and significance. At Nicole Malia, we're committed to instigating change, nurturing self-assurance, and leaving a positive impact, one handbag at a time.

Nicole Malia is born from the fusion of fashion and empowerment. As a mother of three and always on the go, founder Nicole Malia recognized the transformative role a bag can play in a woman's life. Understanding the multifaceted journey of motherhood, she embarked on a mission to create bags that are not just fashion accessories, but tools – capable of supporting women through our unique journeys. Our brand's essence lies in the belief that every person deserves a bag that elevates their confidence and complements their individuality.

Guided by this vision, Nicole Malia has become synonymous with boldness, elegance, and versatility. Our designs are inspired by the modern woman's dynamic lifestyle, offering spaciousness and comfort without compromising on style. With an unwavering dedication to empowering women, we collaborate with foundations that share our mission, donating bags and proceeds to uplift our community.